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Press usage and features

Punches are widely used in electronics, telecommunications, computers, household appliances, furniture, vehicles, (cars, motorcycles, bikes) metal parts stamping and molding.

1. ⑴ High-rigidity, high-precision rack, steel welding and heat treatment, elimination of technetium in the stress of the fuselage so that long-term stability is not deformed.

⑵ structural load evenly balanced rigidity.

2. Stable high accuracy:

Equipment principal part crank, gears, drive shafts and other parts have been hardening heat treatment on grinding processing has high abrasion resistance, long term performance stability, ensure high precision and stable demand.

3. Performance reliability and security:

Easy operation, positioning accuracy due to differences between the traditional brakes, clutch/brake combination device with high sensitivity, plus international high-end equipment common dual solenoid controlled valve and overload protection devices, ensure high speed punch the slider and stopping precision and safety.

4. Production automation and labor-saving, high efficiency.

Punch can be used with the corresponding automatic feeding device, feeding error detection, pre-CD, a prognostic device, can completely automate production, low cost and high efficiency.

5. Slide the adjustment mechanism:

Slider adjustment divided into manual adjustment electric adjustment, easy, safe, fast, accuracy up to 0.1mm.

6. Novel design, and environmental protection.

Japan and the Taiwan's advanced technologies and design concepts, and has the advantages of low noise, low power consumption, pollution-free.

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